It's a Retreat! It's a Workshop! Wait, What Is It?

A Guest Post from our sister newsletter, @The Connect

Not to confuse anyone…

but this is a weekly workshop that I share with my meditation clients. I thought it might be helpful to a few of us pastors, though it IS on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t worry… if you come, you don’t have to plan or even say a thing!

As I explain below:

Hey and hello, faithful readers!

I wanted to tell you all about our newest addition to the Connection Café — the Get Set: ReSet Sunday Meditation. This is our first open “class” setting where everyone can come and spend a few minutes getting ready for the week ahead.

As our website puts it, “this inspirational meditation session lets you start the week with a fresh page and renewed energy.

One of the secrets to having a successful week is getting ready for it at the beginning. The meditation each week during Get Set: ReSet will allow time for personal reflection about the things that we carry with us from the days and weeks that have gone before; some time for sharing, as appropriate, with one another; and, of course, time for a relaxing, cleansing, soul-refreshing guided meditation.

There is NO CHARGE for the session, though you are welcome to drop something in the “Donation Bucket” if you’d like! It’s also a great time to invite a friend to experience guided meditation with you — please feel free to share this link:

Thanks again… and be sure to put any questions or comments down below. I hope I will see and hear many of you in a Get Set: ReSet session this week or on a coming Sunday real soon!